Who are we and what can we do?

We are a group of individuals bound by a common passion to help others navigate the IT domain. We want to help small but very promising companies understand technology in more human, simpler terms, and see how it can steer them to growth and success.

We love technology and we want to make it work for you.

We continually strive to learn the latest in IT and how these can benefit you. We can set up anything—from small unmanaged hardware to more complex systems like Cisco. More importantly, we will make sure that whatever amount you invest in IT will be returned many-fold.

For your IT requirements

big or small, visit our store. We may have something there for you. In there you’ll find our cool range of products—an exciting mix of best-in-its-class systems, and cool, easy-to-use tech tools. Better yet, check out the demos of our services to see what we can do for you. We only accept credit card payments through PayPal. We want to help you. Let’s talk. No rush. We’ll keep it simple. One tech at a time.

IT Consultation

Our goal is simple.

We want to help you find the best IT solution out there and help you deploy them in your business. You don't need to worry about the technical matters.

You don't need to worry about the technical matters. We will help you better understand the tech side later on when you really want to know them. So relax. Let us give you the best advise in IT for your growing business.


The effective use of IT enables businesses, regardless of size and structure, to compete and succeed in today’s very crowded marketplace. To clearly differentiate themselves, companies must use IT to efficiently develop, deliver and promote new and specialized products and services, provide excellent customer service, and improve operational efficiency.

Why are we here?

However, not all companies have the means to invest in well-designed IT architectures. We believe though that every business, no matter how small or simple, can harness the power of IT to forge ahead and succeed. Manilatech is bent on serving the IT needs of the thriving very small business (VSB) or small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, admittedly one of the Philippines’ key growth catalysts.

Manilatech is a portal for technology news and a service provider to VSBs and SMEs that wish to deploy IT in their day-to-day operations. It seeks to help these companies use today’s technology to enhance their existing and future business models or set-ups.

Manilatech believes technology need not be expensive.

Using the right tools, systems, processes and technologies, we believe we can help small companies achieve their business goals at costs they can easily afford. We want to help you. Let’s talk. No rush. We’ll keep it simple. One tech at a time.

Make a Difference

The World Wide Web has become an everyday virtual place for most people. It is a huge network of networks! It has become an everyday tool for many. Anyone can easily connect to the web and participate in discussions and message boards. We want to help you to be part of this huge network and make a difference by having your own domain name, pop3s, and web server for your hosting. In simple terms, we want you to have a web presence by having your very own website.

Premium Themes

We've partnered with different web designers to provide you with premium themes for your sites. All web themes are web standards. Mostly compatible with all browsers...google analytics ready for web traffic reports... so let us know how you want the over-all-feel of your site so we can find the best theme to suit your business. and yes! we do create iPad ready websites for you. We can integrate tools to redirect your visitors to your mobile friendly sites. We think that's cool. Impressive.

Search Engine Optimized

We can help you reach your target market easily. All sites can be easily searchable within Google and other search engines. Don't worry about how you will setup all these. Leave the tech matters to us. If you'll like our proposal, we can setup everything in 2 weeks!. Or even shorter! Contact us now!.